18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan

This isn't a relationship you're constantly troubleshooting with the group text or over brunch. You feel no shame talking about how happy you are around friends. There's not much you'd change about him, but when you tell him something he did bothered you, he listens and makes an effort to be better.

When you first start dating someone, it's easy to hide certain aspects of yourself away until you become more established. He'll call your dad or your grandma without any hesitation. You used to tell your parents and friends about all these things, but now you don't call them quite as much as you used to. He knows your Love Language.

You feel secure and safe in this relationship, because it is secure and safe. Or he bought you tickets to the Formation tour even though he had to talk to a Ticketmaster rep for over an hour, which is basically the pain equivalent of giving birth to a ball of knives. The only thing that bothers him about the situation is that you're upset and he wishes you weren't. Nothing about your current relationship gives you anxiety.

He works hard at his job, but you're his priority. You trust him to run your errands for you. He'll figure out a way to get his work done, just as you would do for him. You survived a long-distance relationship. Or, you know, every other hot chick out there.

18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan
18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan
18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan
18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan

He can totally fake your voice in text. He's your go-to person whenever you have a story to share, about work, about friends, about anything. You are entirely happy confiding in your partner, cs go crash and things that you would hesitate tell your best friend just come rolling effortlessly off your tongue.

18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan

The conversation you have with a soulmate is always meaningful, fun or insightful. Soulmates tend to have their eyes set at the same point on the horizon. Follow Cosmopolitan on Twitter. He thinks you're the best at what you do. He knows the ways in which you like to be loved, and he loves you in those ways.

18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan

You're not worried you'll have to cancel plane tickets or say you won't be needing a plus-one after all. Your enemies are his enemies. He always brags about you.

This one is hard to put a finger on but when you feel it, you'll know it. He plans activities that he knows you'll enjoy. This may seem small, but a guy who can pick up that thing you forgot at the grocery store without complaining or grab the dry cleaning you keep neglecting is true marriage material. Like the time he had his friend paint you a picture of a bear skating backwards on a lake of frozen hot chocolate because it's a hilarious and delicious reoccurring dream you have. But believing that you deserve someone who loves you and treats you right is important.

18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan

You might recognize they're right for you right away or it may take some time. If you can both celebrate or at least laugh about your weirdnesses, that's a keeper. If you ask him to go to an event that's important to you, he's not afraid to step out of the office to accompany you. He tells you, out of the blue, that you look hot. When you think about marrying him, the best part isn't the wedding, it's the idea of spending your lives together.

Then we meet this amazing person, and all those relationships we had before, that seemed great at the time, are revealed by comparison for how entirely uninspiring and pedestrian they actually were. Seeing the potential in each other, you are never satisfied to let the other settle for anything less than the amazing future which they deserve. If you get a promotion at work or even just win concert tickets, he can't resist telling everyone you hang out with before you even think to mention it. You're not looking for a way out, online free and neither is he.

  1. He thinks you're prettier than the Statue of Liberty.
  2. He wants you on his pub trivia team because he knows you'll bring it.
  3. And it's on the day you didn't dry your hair or put on makeup or even change out of your T-shirt and sweatpants.
  4. His gifts are really special.
18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan
  • Everything is easy and it fits and makes sense.
  • You've done the same for him because you are an awesome partner.
  • It just makes sense that you'd go to his nephew's birthday party, even if he's not there.
  • If so then you could have found that person with whom you were truly meant to be.
18 signs you re dating your soulmate cosmopolitan

He doesn't get annoyed at this, and he dismisses your apologies. Words are never empty, even when indulging in small talk, songs about dating a guy and you never tire of anything the other has to say. Work drinks that you already know will be stiff and awkward? And you do the same for him.

He cares about your friends. Same goes for hand holding. He thinks you're smarter than Einstein. What others might consider their flaws, or what you might consider flaws in others, is to you a charming part of who they are and, therefore, something you would never change.

You really feel nurtured and fulfilled simply by being with your partner, your battery charged and soul replenished. He's learned the way you fight. He gets that Maddie the Cattie is more important to you than an actual pile of gold and treats her accordingly.

You're in love, and you're so damn happy about it! You're a team and you could basically solve world peace together if you won't so busy watching Netflix and doing it. He knows when to worry and when you're just caught up in a scene of a movie.

He admires and appreciates your competency and is pretty sure you could be President of Everything if you set your mind to it. Because he's your biggest fan arguably next to your mom. He feels totally comfortable as your plus-one in all situations. If things start off rocky, there must be a commitment to see things through, otherwise that may be a red flag. Like open doors for you, or carry you to your doorstep when your feet hurt after wearing high heels all day and you just can't bear to walk one more block.

If he hasn't heard someone's name in a while, he asks how she's doing. And you've learned the way he fights. He knows how you take your coffee.

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