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Those interpretations resolve

You have a right to see these records in person and a right to receive copies by mail, e-mail, fax, or other ordinary delivery, as a later chapter explains. Those interpretations resolve lawsuits to enforce the act and influence greatly how the act works. The legal advice is invaluable, but what sets the book apart are the practical tips.

You are undoubtedly asking yourself if three or four years of a rigorous and costly legal education is really worth the candle. This book is a practical guide with real-world examples and clear explanations in plain language. Gutterman, professor of communications law and director of the Tully Center for Free Speech at the S.

Judges shape the law when they resolve disputes at the appellate level. This guide will tell you about the law, but not with rote descriptions. Every county and municipal law library has up-to-date copies of the Ohio Revised Code, and some public libraries also have it.

It aims to spur new ideas in appellate judges who decide public records cases and in lawyers who enforce the Public Records Act on behalf of their clients. Read look behind current antilawyer media images to explore the historical role of lawyers as a balancing force in times of social, economic, and political change. But having now finished the book, I know more than before I started reading it.

You have a right to see

Despite our obvious perspective as advocates, we try to evaluate Ohio Supreme Court precedents objectively, in the hope that our critique may cause the judiciary to rethink some of its jurisprudence. It comes from decades of field testing by two outspoken advocates with emphatic, spirited points of view. And the strategies, tips, and overall approach it maps out provide a practical guide for anyone preparing to go into battle for access to public documents anywhere.

This is like having your own personal open records lawyer at your fingertips with lessons and strategies for seeking public records. This highly personal and impassioned book is their defense of lawyers and the rule of law in the United States.