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Aesthetics and Politics in the Mexican FilmIndustry by Misha MacLaird download in pdf, ePub, iPad

The book contributes to theFurthermore such developments have in turn

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in contemporary Mexican cinema. The study focuses specifically on the areas of funding, production, distribution, reception, legislation, and new multimedia platforms. Elegant and purposeful, this is an important book, not only for the study of Latin American and especially Mexican film but for the entire discipline of cinema studies.

Furthermore, such developments have in turn carved out new strategies of reception. The book contributes to the burgeoning field of Mexican film studies, which has seen a rise in scholarly attention paid to contemporary cinematic productions emerging from the region.

You are not currently authenticated. Here the author discusses the close alignment between the state and the funding bodies that determine the investment potential of a filmic project and the tensions that can arise from this dynamic. Market fluctuations, alongside the economic impact on domestic productivity and reception, are paramount to the overall success or challenges the industry faces. Divided into two parts, each one focuses on the themes of politics and aesthetics, respectively.