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To add to the fun part you can borrow a turban and wear it while you enjoy your food. This place might very well be the much talked about Casterly Rock, the main seat of House Lannister. Styled as Disney animated forest, these guys have actually put in a lot of effort in the detail. If you are into sea food, then this should be next place you need to head off to.

Specializes in North Indian but has

It feels like you are going down on a memory lane. You can stay in a jail, play dandiya and even have cart-side chats.

We also have some hot stuff going on between Ellaria Sand and Yara Greyjoy. The trailer shows Jon and Tormund running from something in the snowy North. They serve you roasted pineapples other than a whole lot of good food and wondrous desserts. None of the dishes stand out, and some of them might just put you off, because of too much overdo. Low ceiling, fake cobwebs and flame torches add to the theme by a great deal.

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Goan, Japanese, Mexican, seafood you name it. Keep an eye on the pinch in the pocket. The season ended with Cersei taking over the Iron Throne and Daenerys beginning her journey towards Westeros. Centrally located in Marathahalli, this place transports you to the Mughal period. The exteriors done up with flaming green foliage, sprawling everywhere along the ceiling and walls of the restaurants.

Well, yes, you heard it right, not the entire restaurant, so if you are lucky enough, you might get the feel of the theme. Dany now reclaims her ancestral home.

Specializes in North Indian, but has a choice of Italian as well. Yes, the restaurant is a bit dimly light, but once your eyes are set, you would love the place for what it is. But amidst so much confusion, one thing alone is clear.

Now this is a just another Fan made theory. Bran and Meera are also absent in this trailer. The battle is definitely going to make the fans go gaga as it seems to be even more spine-tingling than the Battle of Bastards. Also the Unsullied is shown to take over a castle protected by the Lannister army.