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Madhavan, Shalini, Arvindswamy, Kushboo in the lead role. Karthik Varadarajan is an independent and free-spirited software engineering graduate establishing a startup with his friends. After watching this sequence, I was quite amused to see how thin I was back then! It also carried a very popular soundtrack, composed by A. Karthik's father Varadarajan, a lawyer, stop the paatu tamil song learns of the relationship and meets with Shakti's dad Selvaraj.


Karthik observes Ram and notes that he has a lot to learn from the latter. She is hit by a car driven by a lady Kushboo in a special appearance. Kadhal Sadugudu - StarMusiQ. The prospective groom's father offers his second son's hand in marriage to Shakti. Shakti's mother Saroja urges her to accept the marriage proposal, unaware of the fact that Karthik and Shakti are already together.

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Shakti wakes up from her coma and the two reconcile. The film explores the tensions of married life and the maturing of love. They cope for a while, however it's not too long before the couple start arguing over various issues that the two seemed so much more tolerant of before they got married. Shakti eventually tells the truth, and Poorni's engagement is called off.

The film was well received by critics and it did well at the Tamil and Telugu box-offices primarily for its music and realistic portrayal of romance and married life. Films Movies Recent Hits of R. Related Movies that might Interest You. The movie ends with Shakti coming out from coma and hugging Karthik on the hospital bed. All the songs at StarMusiQ.

Alaipayuthey Tamil Mp3 Songs Download

Alaipayuthey Mp3 Songs Free Download

They continue living separate lives after marriage, meeting outside of their homes and hoping that their parents will see eye to eye at some point in the future and can be informed of the marriage. Karthik sets off on the same evening to the railway station to pick up his wife as is their usual routine. Sriram renewed his collaboration with Mani Ratnam after seven years, with the director toggling between Santosh Sivan and Rajiv Menon for his other projects. September Madham - StarMusiQ. Karthik waits until Poorni and Raghu's marriage is confirmed before telling Shakti.

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Finally Karthik meets his wife in the hospital. She and her husband have not spoken to each other for a long time. However, Shakti witnesses Poorni hugging Karthik in gratitude at the train station, misunderstanding that he is having an affair with Poorni. While apart, both Karthik and Shakti realise that they are desperately in love and decide to get married without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Shakthi eventually learns from Poorni of her husband's efforts in getting her married, and is overcome with guilt.

Shakti learns that her father is seriously ill back home. Madhavan, Shalini Music A.

Karthik and Shakthi are thrown out of their homes. Sreekar Prasad Production company.

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The scene where Madhavan proposes Shalini in the train was spoofed in Boss Engira Bhaskaran where Arya tries to do the same with Nayantara but fails. The two stop talking to each other.

During the first seven days of the shoot, Mani Ratnam filmed portions featuring Shalini and made Madhavan stay on the sets and watch his process of film-making. Meanwhile, Karthik takes it upon himself to sort out Poorni's love life and her broken engagement to Raghuraman. At a friend's wedding, he meets Shakti Selvaraj, a medical student. In these turn of events Karthik understands the true meaning of love. Meanwhile, Karthik takes it upon himself to sort out Poorni's adjourned marriage proposal to Raghu.


He arranges a blind date between the two, which initially fails, backfiring on Karthik, however, with more meetings, Poorni and Raghuraman become closer. Wracked with guilt, the two return home, their relationship taking a turn for the worse. It was shown at various film festivals nationally and internationally.

The film also required two leading actors to appear in supporting roles with Kushboo roped in to do a role. Karthik and Shakti eventually fall in love. He arranges a blind date between the two, which initially fails, backfiring on Karthik, however, with more meetings, Poorni and Raghu become closer. Shakti learns that her father is seriously ill and requests Karthik to visit him. The film began without an official launch, like other Mani Ratnam projects, and it was initially expected that filming would be wrapped up under four months.

Alaipayuthey Kanna - StarMusiQ. Alaipayuthey goes backward and forward in time and the movement holds a thin thread of suspense too.

The music score that accompanies the film was composed by A. However, upon meeting, the two parents disagree and the wedding is called off.

The two meet regularly after their that on suburban trains, to and from work and university. The marriage gets increasingly tense as both cope with frustrations and disappointments. Various Anirudh Ravichander. He eventually agrees, but by the time they reach her house, Shakti's father passes away.

She had left the hospital where she works and neither is on the train she usually takes. Whilst hugging Karthik, thanking him for his efforts, Shakti witnesses their close contact and misunderstands it, leading to an even bigger argument, and a trade of insults. This development takes place without Shakti knowing.