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Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation by Munwar Shariff download in pdf, ePub, iPad

This book distils the handson approach

Users, groups, permissions, roles, authentication and security are well explained, and there are enterprise use cases that can help the reader to put his hands in practice. The book assumes a degree of technical confidence but does not require specialist system administration or developer skills to get a basic system up and running. This video course is all about learning useful Alfresco tips and tricks. Automating document management tasks with business rules and complete workflows.

It covers the enhanced document management, a new web-based collaborative application called Alfresco Share, and various integration options with external applications. This book distils the hands-on approach of his training courses into a concise, practical book.

It covers the enhanced

Also Alfresco Share is marginally mentioned. Users migration is a big thing for a lot of companies and you will not regret to read this book in order to learn how to do that. You will also learn how to create your own actions and web scripts for achieving even greater control over Alfresco. Support for advanced workflows is now provided by Activiti workflow engine.

Membership, security and Document Management are widely explained and discussed but obviously hands-on experience always makes the difference. Working together using Alfresco's collaboration and syndication features to create effective working groups.

As you proceed in the course, you'll learn how to schedule and automate most of the Alfresco actions, in order to manage the platform. Setting up a single instance multi-tenant system, configuring Alfresco as an in-bound email server, and setting up an audit trail. In the last part of this course, you'll learn how Share is configured and built, and how to customize every single component in Share. If you are not familiar with various scanning products like Captiva and Kofax, Ephesoft is open source product that integrates directly with Alfresco. Support for advanced workflows is now provided by Activiti workflow engi If you are new comer to Alfresco, then this book is for you.