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As she came near the two travelers, her foot slipped. Finally she got up and gave John her hand, for his guess was good. As he sang a hymn and listened to God's Word, he felt just as if he were in the same old church where he had been baptised, and where he had sung the hymns with his father. John embraced him time and again, and said that he must not leave-them.

Finally she got up and gave

His conscience was clear, and he was sure that the dead do not harm anyone. But first let's have our fun. When his comrade arose he told John of a very strange dream he had had about the Princess and one of her shoes.

As she came near the two

Think of one of your shoes. No sooner had he rubbed her with the salve than the old woman got to her feet and walked off much better than she had come - all this the salve could do. But his comrade tied the wings to his back, buckled the sword to his side, took all three scourges of switches, and flew off to the palace. Never had the sorcerer felt such a hailstorm. The lamp on the table had almost burned out, for it was quite late at night.

Our wedding will be held this evening. She is the loveliest girl in the world. Before he knew it he was fast asleep and dreaming, while it thundered and lightened outside.

But if he guessed wrong, he would forfeit his life, and the wizard would eat his beautiful blue eyes. Just then they heard a wonderful sound overhead. He knelt at the bedside, and kissed his dead father's hand. His father lay cold and dead on the bed, and there was no one with them. Everyone told him he ought not to try it, lest he meet with the same fate that had befallen the others.

But as for his daughter - Heaven help us - she was a bad Princess. People went to hear the preacher, and John went with them. If it was right, he would get the lovely Princess and inherit the whole kingdom after the old King died. But the moment he heard that John had come as a suitor, he fell to sobbing so hard that both the orb and sceptre dropped to the floor, and he had to use his dressing gown to wipe his eyes. No one saw the traveling companion go in after her, for he had made himself completely invisible.

Strangers had done this, for they had loved the good man who now was dead. She could even move by herself, and there was no longer any need to pull her strings.