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Anglo-Italian Relations in the Middle East, 1922–1940 by Massimiliano Fiore download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Behind the appearance of European collaboration, relations between London and Rome in the Red Sea were notably tense. Proposal for Zionist Settlement. Setton, Guy and Raanan Rein.

Rabin, Yitzhak and Shlomo Avineri. British Attitude and Perspective.

Mountbatten and the Suez Crisis

Controlla se hai abbastanza punti per questo elemento. Allen, David and Alfred Pijpers eds.

Britain and the Suez Crisis

Demmelhuber, Thomas and Christian Kaunert. Israeli-Romanian Relations at the end of the Ceausescu Era.

Mountbatten and the Suez Crisis. Britain and the Suez Crisis. British Military Intervention and the Struggle for Jordan. Behrendt, Sven and Christian-Peter Hanelt. European Involvement in the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

From Support to Hostility. New Perspectives on the Crisis and Its Aftermath. Collusion and Rivalry in the Middle East. The British Police in Mandate Palestine. The Catholic Church and the Question of Palestine.