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This recalls promises kept and promises of even greater things to come. The painting thus not only conveys information but participates in a religious struggle. It may also be possible to learn something about a scholar by considering the subjects and methods of his scholarship.

The comprehension of narrative is rooted in our experience of time. James Romaine, foreword by Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker.

The clouds that fill the sky and overtake the viewer suggest that, although we may be situated above the landscape, there is a realm still higher than our own. The work speaks to our ultimate dependence on the providence of God. Kuyper argued that artistic activity has been sustained by and is evidence of common grace, as manifested in the beauty and harmonies of nature.

This insight implied

This insight implied that perception itself was not a neutral activity but one deeply shaped by religious convictions and beliefs. The clash of cultures between those wanting to learn about art's social conditions and those interested in its spiritual roots sadly precluded much fruitful discussion and communication. The famous linen-bleaching fields are laid out with precision.

He is cofounder of the Association of Scholars of Christianity in the History of Art as well as an associate professor and chair of the department of art history at Nyack College. Rookmaaker himself, in turn, had admired and was inspired by the influential German neo-Kantian art historian Erwin Panofsky. Furthermore, he stated that this creative liberty found maturity in the art of the seventeenthcentury Netherlands.

In addition to challenging formalist methods, Walford also addressed methods of art history that focused on iconographic decoding. Irregular patterns of light and shadow play over the geometric organization of the linen-bleaching fields.

The clash of cultures between those