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At the Mercy of the Mountains by Peter Bronski download in pdf, ePub, iPad

That night the temperature plummeted

That night, the temperature plummeted to below zero. With that being said though, the book does it job. The High Peaks in winter are a land of beauty and danger. In Lobuche and Gorak Shep we had to contend with filthy squat toilets, limited or no running water and expensive, yet pretty dire food. It is a must-read for hikers, climbers, paddlers, armchair travelersanyone who loves great tales of adventure.

Both times, an Army helicopter flew him out of the wilderness. We were lucky and able to fly the next morning, but you could theoretically be delayed by days.

After his partner hurt his leg and bailed out, Griffin continued on his own. My fingers were freezing in thin liner gloves, and the slippery rocks challenged my no-longer-stellar sense of balance. He had remained briefly on the summit after seeing off a few of the more able hikers who decided to go down the Gorge Brook Trail.

The three Boy Scouts who in tried to climb Wallface but spent the night about two-thirds of the way up, waiting for what turned out to be a primitive but ultimately successful rescue. Nonetheless, most of the stories in At the Mercy of the Mountains make compelling reading for anyone who has ventured into the Adirondack backcountry. We had a steep, rocky incline to tackle first and it was the only time during the trek that Andrew had to carry my pack for me. What made this even worse was the poor conditions in the tea houses, which deteriorate quickly the higher up you go. We also felt we needed to try hard to keep the summit group together.

With that being said though