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Authentic African Leadership by Gail Cameron download in pdf, ePub, iPad

He understands the value system of both Africa and of the West. Most managers never understand this truth. Personal Growth An authentic leader is not afraid to admit mistakes and work to overcome shortcomings.

Authentic leaders are

Qualities An authentic leader is more interested in empowering employees than in money or personal power, and is guided by compassion and heart in everything they do. An authentic leadership style is one that can adapt to changing circumstances and situations. Those who aspire to sell their leadership in Africa have to understand and appeal to the potential followers of Africa in just the same way as those who want to sell cars or washing powder in Africa.

This book will define implicitly excellent examples of diverse leadership styles as told by the leaders themselves, and includes valuable tips and techniques acquired along the way. You should also be able to delegate when necessary and not be afraid of changing the way that you do things to suit different situations. Fully alive people are capable of quantum results, and their positive energy is infectious.

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Authentic leaders are dedicated to continued personal growth and committed to building lasting relationships and strong organizations. He speaks in languages his followers understand. Despite thousands of books and tens of thousands of articles, the only universal truth about leadership that has remained unchallenged is that leaders earn followers. In South Africa there exists a leadership vacuum with many calling for a new leadership in the country, as corruption and crime seem out of control. While many authentic leaders may have natural abilities, George emphasizes that anyone can become an authentic leader through hard work and developing their leadership qualities.

The energy of a fully alive follower is critical to leaders for two reasons. Becoming Authentic An authentic leader develops her own leadership style, but this leadership style should not be overly rigid. Each leader brings a unique profile, experience, approach, and application of leadership that will inform and inspire readers of the book. Inspiration Authentic leaders draw their inspiration from their own lives. It helps to see followers as customers of leaders, and apply sound marketing disciplines to determine why they behave the way they do and what makes them change their minds.