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Do not do this test before you do the phase adjustment!

Please do not obsess about flat response in a living room. While the recordings themselves are all superb, they are of a different enough flavor to keep you on your toes. This is a fabulous test track to A-B different connections, i. Those of you enamored with audiophile headphones will find the comparison of this track on headphones vs speakers to be interesting. These instructions have been greatly expanded for this latest version!

Place your head equidistant between the sub and the speaker it is closest to. This is exactly backwards. Notice all the peaks and dips holes. Then spray paint with flat black barbecue paint and you will have a professional port seal. Those are the spot s to put the subs so they inverse couple the best to your listening chair.

Larger versions simply sit on the floor and the sub rests on them. Now put the wiring back the correct way to that one speaker. Check boxes are included to assist you. The low frequencies will mechanically vibrate the mains causing frequency modulation doppler modulation of the higher frequencies coming out of the mains.

She deserves it and you will love it. Turn the sub's filters to off, and the e. The highest frequencies are first. You are in for a unique audio experience. Your mechanism of hearing feels the fundamentals which are coming from the sub and localizes the harmonics which are coming from your main speakers.

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Now walk and crawl around the perimeter of the room, and any place you think a sub could go, and listen for the various couplings of the sub. All the sinewave tone tracks are recorded exactly the same on both channels therefore you can disconnect either L or R speaker for your convenience. It is very difficult to determine a result if you change more than one thing at a time.

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Start with your system volume very low and move it upward until the desired result is obtained. Disconnect all the other speakers in the room. Since consumer equipment operates sort of backwards, when you increase the distance setting of the sub you are adding delay to all the other channels. You may hopefully experiment with different crossover freqs. Manually adjust the volume level of the sub to a good perceivable loud but comfortable level.

If the timing is correct you will feel the bass and localize on the harmonics. You can't fight with the laws of physics! It is essentially not possible.

Notice it has nothing to actually do with phase or timing - and there is the downside. This test is quite unique.

Reconnect the other speaker and you're done. If you carefully adjust your system then you should perceive this. This is also a fascinating, superb, and rather severe test to determine the delay time of the subwoofer relative to the rest of your system. Now walk completely across your room right in front of your chair from the left wall to the right wall. Therefore the test is essentially a waste of time with more modern subs, y hook but I have included it here anyway.

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