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Molly Lou helps me with the zipper. As we drifted, we watched them disappear. We call out names for them, Chubby Rain and Heavy Rain. At times like these, I get closer to the water. In her final collection of essays, naturalist Eva Saulitis finds solace in nature as she faces terminal breast cancer.

We were at least four miles from shore now, and the whales were heading steadily south in the direction of Hawaii. He wore a plaid wool shirt, stiff new dungarees, and wire-framed glasses. Our conversations were brief. My body blots out the light above me. They sometimes approach our boat, curious, staring at us with inscrutable eyes.

Now my breathing sounds as if someone is breathing for me. We spend the next hour trying to get biopsy samples. Somehow, I felt attached to him. Other times, they change direction slightly when they dive. He rode his four-wheeler down the steep ramp to the dock.

His look was inscrutable, no smile, his eyes shadowed under his cap. Now I can barely make out two distant black triangles among rolling hills of water, and I think of them unwatched by anyone for eight more years. John, more comfortable with a rifle than I was from his years in the Alaskan bush, shot three times without success. When I told him what I wanted to be, he shook his head.

As I swim along a rock

The dart hit the saddle patch and bounced out. You were so angry and impatient, even rude at times, and then, suddenly, when you got what you wanted, you were ecstatic. He coughed often, into his fist, turning his head away. You just need to live out here. Inside me, a nauseous feeling rose.

They are Gulf of

As I swim along a rock outcrop, I look for seals. They are Gulf of Alaska transients.