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In later books he reappeared

Both were disappointed that it was not a bigger success. Johns was himself a First World War pilot, although his own career did not parallel that of Biggles particularly closely. Ginger left his father, a mineworker in Smettleworth, after an argument about Ginger's determination to become a pilot. Post-Second World War editions of the book change this to a Russian plot.

The helicopter was flown by renowned

James Fox was tapped to play Biggles and even appeared in promotional material. At one point Biggles and Jim repel a mustard gas attack. Death is treated rather frequently and sometimes in quite a grim fashion.

In later books he reappeared as an air commodore. The helicopter was flown by renowned stunt pilot Marc Wolff. He becomes one of the regular team and is often Biggles's chosen companion. Ginger brings the energy and daring of youth to these and many of their later adventures. Despite brief affairs, Biggles and his chums remain steadfastly single.

He proves his worth by rescuing Biggles from some enemy agents. He scorns alcohol, much to the amusement of his fellow squadron members.

Biggles immediately calls him Ginger because of his red hair. The principal consolation is a cadaverous Peter Cushing as Biggles's old C. The book features a chapter on the making of the film. His observer was another youth named Mark Way, a New Zealander. It is doubtful whether a careful rearrangement of the various First World War stories could result in a coherent sequence.