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The library branch was closed by the City in and the general store closed some years ago. Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue and Public Works staff went door-to-door in the flood affected areas to strongly encourage residents to evacuate. The gasoline was almost immediately ignited, and flowed like a river, down the main street engulfing everything it touched in flames, until it poured into and spread across the fast-moving river.

Many cottagers enjoy the tranquil waters of nearby Four Mile Lake. The train was stopped across the main crossing, shielding half the town, while the water in the tender was used to extinguish the remaining flames on the south side of the crossing. Burnt River lies in a flood plain. At the time, there was a Shell gas station located in the centre of the village, across the road from the current post office.

If you look carefully, you can see the modern construction on one side of the village, while dwellings on the other half consists of older wood and stone masonry. Willing to let you slip through the cracks. Located in an extremely beautiful valley surrounded by ranches, mountains, trees, rivers, and lakes. It was projected that at that rate of rise there was potential for the Burnt River at the Village of Burnt River to reach and exceed flood levels. Today, that rail line has been preserved as a recreational trail reaching from Lindsay all the way to Haliburton.

City officials strongly recommended residents in affected areas move to higher ground, perhaps with family and friends. Burnt River experiences a major flood at least every eight years. Are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that you reach your potential.

The flood plain mapping identified the potential areas for flooding and the need to protect future development from flood damages. Watch a short video about us.

The library branch was closed byKawartha Lakes Fire