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By Heresies Distressed by David Weber download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Meanwhile, the Group of Four set plans into motion to build a force capable of challenging Charis, and in the meantime to attack the Kingdom in any way possible. The ensuing massacre by the Inquisition pushes Safehold to the brink of Holy War. King Cayleb, who has ascended to the throne following his father's death in the attack, is locked in a desperate struggle with the Church. Also, and to the disbelief of many, Rock Point has the priests of the Inquisition responsible for the deaths of Charisian merchants sentenced to death and hanged right on the spot.

At the same

The local capital of Dairos is taken without any serious resistance. In Manchyr, Prince Hektor decides to offer his surrender to Cayleb, but he and his son are assassinated by agents of the Church before an agreement can be arranged. In the holy city of Zion, the Group of Four engage in their own machinations after the setback in Ferayd. The two end up falling in love, and agree to rule the empire jointly. Merlin learns of the attack on Sharleyan and proceeds to Saint Agtha's as soon as he can.

Meanwhile, the Group of Four, whose members are beginning to distrust each other more and more, tries to prepare for the things to come. We are really reading superhero comic books instead of Fantasy or Science Fiction. Let me reiterate that another way.

Weber is too full of himself is why. Except he has forgotten how to craft the tale. The captives include priests of the Inquisition of the Church of God Awaiting. Which Weber certainly does not. Here he has a universe set up thousands of years in our future, but the citations are from the decades that Weber grows up in.

At the same time, all Corisandian ports are besieged by the Royal Navy. The defenders underestimate the threat and offer battle on an open field. The leaders quietly agree to continue trading with the new empire, against Church orders. Merlin barely manages to prevent the assassination of Staynair at the hands of Charisian church loyalists, who also destroy the Royal College.

The Kingdom of Chisholm has aligned itself with the rebels via political marriage to form a new superpower, the Empire of Charis. He is left with no choice but to fly home and unleash his full abilities to wipe out the assassins. Cayleb also reaches out to his father's archenemy, Prince Nahrmahn of Emerald, incorporating him into his government and arranging another marriage to seal the deal.

The defenders underestimate the threat

Cayleb knows another of his father's enemies, Prince Hektor Daykyn, will refuse to submit without a fight. Sure he should have done damage to the enemy, but should have lost.