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By reading these essays we become more aware of the ways the church worldwide faces persecution and navigates ethnic and economic tensions. And yet God's nature is greater than that.

You Colossians received this very message of good news when you first became believers. If you continue in your faith, established and firm, not moved from the hope held out in the gospel.

That historic meeting set the trajectory for unity and partnership in mission for Evangelicals across the globe. John Calvin taught the Perseverance of the Saints, that is, that the true believers do indeed continue in Christ and do not ultimately fall away.

Not moved from the hope held out in the gospel. The experience of noble souls is that discord prevails, and that with the struggle there can be no peace. Jesus Christ is the spotless High Priest who offered Himself once for all mankind. Paul's aim is to enhance their confidence in Christ so they are no longer tempted by the hope of mystical Judaism.

Look at the sun, the symbol of God. Thankfully these essays reveal some of the exciting things happening in the global church. The historic meeting brought together religious leaders from different nations and out of it came the Lausanne covenant drafted by a committee chaired by the late John Stott.

The true Christian faith is lived in union with Jesus, by faith in him, walking with him, receiving his encouragement and forgiveness throughout our lives. Cast away all the old mediaeval notions of reconciliation, the mechanical scheme of atonement and plan of salvation, and all those lower forms. It has been said that man was reconciled to God. Or the artist who sees his pupil smudging a canvas, and tries to teach him the whole theory of colour, and tries to develop his ideality.

He came forth and lived among men, and He knows what their tears and struggles are, what their temptations and difficulties. It carries in itself all trees and all bushes, and all vines, and all orchards, and all gardens.

And yet God's nature is

It is to such that this experience of Christ is presented. Fourth, the Third Lausanne is a powerful testimony to the ways in which Christ is Reconciler. Though we be faint or feeble, He will revive our courage and will give us His strength, and it will not be in vain that we endeavour to serve the Lord. Dear friends, this isn't biblical teaching, but a distortion of the holy truth.

By reading these essays