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Beat writers were

Catholic Legion of Decency and the Production Code Administration acted as two conservative groups that controlled a great deal of the national repertoire during the early stages of the Cold War. Several organizations played a key role in ensuring that Hollywood acted in the national best interest of the U. While the primary antagonists in the majority of the novels were Soviet agents, the films were only vaguely based on the Cold War. Cinema and government were, as it stood, inextricably linked.

But Kerouac and

Airman works with chimpanzees on Cold War-related projects. In the brilliantly talented director Peter Watkins made a minute docudrama about the aftermath of a nuclear attack, The War Game. In all my books, I like to explore larger themes, images, or concepts as they appear across various mediums, genres, and authors.

Many films were banned for being insufficiently patriotic. Many of the films released throughout the late s and s focused on spreading a positive image of Soviet life, intent to prove that Soviet life was indeed better than American life. It is based on the short story of the same name by James Clavell. Ambiguous Borderlands is an attempt to understand why shadow imagery is so amenable to the Cold War and its concerns.

Such an approach is powerful, I believe, since it allows for interesting ideas to emerge as texts are brought into new configurations. The films released during this time received a response from the Soviet Union, which subsequently released its own array of films to combat the depiction of the Communist threat. Not only were their ideas essential for the project, but both Freud and Jung had a direct impact on U.

Beat writers were very interested in recording the full range of their experiences, and they considered their dreams to be just as important as their waking life in trying to understand the world. But Kerouac and Ginsberg also felt that The Shrouded Stranger was a universal figure that spoke to larger cultural concerns. Rather than read shadows as a symptom in the psychoanalytic sense, these artists use the indeterminacy that shadows create to force the reader or viewer to re-examine their own ideas and beliefs. Ambiguous Borderlands really had its genesis at the Ransom Center. But it does require quite a bit of work.

It is a semi-autobiographical tale about a dutiful soldier who is sent to a Siberian camp, after being falsely accused of treason. Yet by the s the Communist model had run aground.