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Agape is a secondary loving style which can be described as the purest love form and is the combination of eros and storge loving styles. For many people, the only way to get off that wheel is to jump onto a new one, which is really a metaphor for a disastrous relationship. Becoming consumed with the thought of a love interest that seems to grow more powerful each day.

Thus, according to Lee, this style can be described as a type of passionate love that is expressed physically and emotionally. Love styles Interpersonal relationships are an intricate part of human nature owing to their social aspect. If being in love means living in constant fear of him cheating, you are confusing love with obsession.

It is not necessarily derived from romantic love but scholars have described it as a convenient style of love. If you answered yes to these questions, then it may be time for a serious gut check.

Here is a quote from an expert who has studied this topic extensively. It is very rare for them to become truly involved with a partner and they can have two or more partners at the same time. Unfounded concerns about cheating, emotional infidelity and the like are usually at play. Obsessive individuals will neglect their spiritual, emotional and physical needs to satisfy their obsession.

Love styles Interpersonal relationshipsThus according to

Even the person with whom he or she is obsessed with will have a strained relationship with the person. They start being anxious and that is when they graduate to the next stage of obsession. Trust in the other person simply is not there. This is particularly true if a low degree of trust exists and a high degree of jealousy with an emphasis on physical attraction. In essence, they endeavor to find value in their partners which will encourage them to work with their partners to meet a certain objective.