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Meanwhile Derek deals with his

After hearing what Chenille told Sara, Derek confronts her and admitted his true reasons for dumping Nikki. Choreography and the Moving Image by Erin, Brannigan.

Meanwhile, Derek deals with his friend Malakai, who is heavily into the gang lifestyle that Derek is trying to leave. Tony Bellissimo is a New York native. The book also sets out to examine and rethink the parameters of dancefilm and thereby re-conceive the relations between dance and cinema. Eventually, Sara and Derek begin a relationship.

Tony Bellissimo is a

She performs around the country with Ballroom with a Twist and at various charity and corporate events. She admits what she did was wrong and encourages him to be with Sara. Erin Brannigan's book is an innovative contribution of equal importance to Cinema Studies and Dance Research.

He trained at the Future Dance Center with Gino and Denise Vaccaro in all styles of dance but gravitated to hip-hop and funk styles. Shaping the Film Edit are especially noteworthy. Having achieved his dream of being accepted at Georgetown University, Derek convinces her to follow her dreams of Juilliard.

Later, they return to the club and amaze others with their dancing. With a very unique style and positive outlook she is internationally recognized as a Performer and Choreographer.