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When a person dies, their body eventually decays and reverts back to its component elements Gen. There are those, who identify themselves with Christianity, who contend that the dead are not conscious in the intermediate state, i. Saul was facing the Philistine army, and because of his disobedience, God had forsaken him. If Christ has not been awakened from death, then their hope is in vain.

These three are interrelated, but different. Combined with the brain, the spirit gives us consciousness. The same destiny overtakes all. But even if we accept the untenable position that the account of Lazarus and the rich man actually happened, this story presents conscious soul advocates with several problems. Let's begin in the book of Job.

Paul is telling the Thessalonians

Yeshua had indeed been awakened from the sleep of the dead. Till the heavens are no more, they will not awake nor be roused from their sleep. Although she predicts a few weeks of work and leisure she is soon faced with the presence of a mysterious voodoo priestess.

As numerous other Scriptures show, however, they will be in the Kingdom of God. Those who deny this clear biblical teaching reveal that they have been influenced by doctrines that are alien to the scriptural view of man.

As we have just seen, the Psalms are full of insight into the state of the dead. He informs us that the dead are asleep, a condition death is compared to numerous times in the Scriptures. When God roused him from the sleep of death to glorious eternal life, Messiah became the firstfruits of all those who will be awakened from death at a later time.

This is the context in which Paul writes here. When God puts a spirit within a person, they become a living soul. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light. The key to properly understanding this passage is to realize that what Peter, James and John saw was a supernatural vision of the future, not a present reality. God creates a human spirit within every man Zec.

They are to return to resting in the sleep of death until the resurrection of all believers occurs at the seventh trumpet Rev. Paul is telling the Thessalonians to have hope in the resurrection, not to have hope in being a disembodied, conscious spirit in heaven. This resurrection will occur when Yeshua comes down from heaven as the last trumpet is blown. God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. Son of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel.

Scripturally, it's very difficult to make a convincing case that Moses and Elijah had to be alive at that very time in order to be seen in a vision of the future. This belief, despite the fact that it was not scriptural, would have been well known by the Pharisees. That the maiden actually was dead admits of no doubt.

They are to return