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You thought that He would make life easier and more abundant, but it has been more difficult and destitute. We have to be continually reminded of what we believe. This is evident from numerous passages in all four gospels. In particular, the major issues here might concern the nature of the gospel or other central beliefs.

Now this is definitely not to assert or imply that every case will be solved. Thus, there is no necessary reason to distinguish the Jesus of the minimal authentic sayings from the Jesus who makes the lofty claims found in all four gospels. Your trials do not mean that God does not exist or that He has lost control as the Sovereign of the universe. Other researchers in a variety of fields have come to quite similar conclusions and likewise report that positive results are attained. During this time, when he had the opportunity, he told several of his Christian friends that he was now an agnostic and that he had, indeed, repudiated his faith.

John sent his disciples straight to Jesus. Some may disagree with this practice, but I personally find nothing here that appears to be unbiblical.

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If we never faced challenges, if He answered every prayer immediately, if He was visibly present before us every moment, we would have no way to grow in faith. But if such subtleties are allowed to go unchecked, one could experience corresponding emotional doubts. To read fictional writings can sometimes cause us to be confronted with different kinds of ideas and persons. Dunn notes that while the reports of the vacated tomb are doubted by some, scholarship as a whole has done more to substantiate than to disprove it. Initially we should be willing to check if we have done the best we can in presenting the factual basis for Christianity.

Even unbelievers have their moments of doubt. Also instructive here is the importance of demonic influence.

While Nineteenth Century older German liberals critiqued these theories individually, Twentieth Century critical scholars have usually repudiated them as a whole. But knowing why we believe the things we do is an excellent starting point. The Root Cause Just before attempting to delineate various kinds of typical expressions of doubt, the overriding cause should be discussed briefly. You have words of eternal life. Later the man admitted that this was very possibly the reason for his lack of assurance, but he did not appear to be very concerned about changing.

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He was bold enough to rebuke even King Herod for his immorality. It has been our purpose to present a long list of evidences in favor of the death, burial, resurrection and deity of Jesus Christ.

So the exact configuration of these examples presented here is definitely not the point of the chapter. Rather than follow in their footsteps, Luke wants his readers to think clearly about who Jesus is so that they come into a full assurance of faith in Him.