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Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Francis Grose download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Francis Grose in turn may have used the dictionary of Theiving Slang which I have transcribed myself. Society of Newman's Hotel. Other entries focus on bodily functions. The out-of-towner coming to London, as so many did during this period, needed to understand the language used there. Instead, he revelled in them, and his dictionary continues to be relevant today.

Francis Grose in

The title, Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, appears above the start of the definitions. The disreputable of all social classes enjoyed a dirty story and a good joke. It offers a barometer for the things that people are feeling anxious about. But The Vulgar Tongue also has a wider range of expressions. Compiled originally by Captain Grose.

Society of Newman's

Poor people were more likely to be driven away if there was any excuse to do so, meaning there were hordes of beggars wandering around the countryside trying to find someone who would help them. Property-holders could be encouraged to fear the plottings of the menacingly large underclass. Yet their motivations were very different. And gallows humour is evident throughout.