Easter Sermons

We are to go to Him in prayer. You may not be literally weeping, but what is making you sad on this joyous holiday? The Bible contains many names of Christ. Next Sunday morning, God is alive-the resurrection. For most of us, when we die it will not be international news or even national or state news.

He has authority to send the disciples to the world. Why are you weeping this morning? The disciples were to fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus announces that the ones who do not see and still believed are blessed.

Easter Sermons

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We are celebrating the focal point of human history. It's in Matthew chapter the last chapter of Matthew's Gospel.


It is Peter, who as usual, reacts spontaneously. The fact that Christ is the first fruits of the resurrection implies that others will follow. He was inquiring as to their wellbeing. Mark shows us some of the greatness of Easter. When we don't know which way to turn because problems seem so great, come to Jesus!

This sermon was preached on Easter Sunday as a three-part sermon with various worship elements interspersed between each part. When Jesus arose from the.

What's So Special about Easter? The great news, however is that Christ indeed is raised from the dead. If there is one truth as necessary as the substitutionary death of Christ on the cross, it is the resurrection of Christ from the grave.

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Paul answers that question, by showing us three things that are real that center around Easter. Now he stands in chains before the mighty Agrippa, great-grandson of Herod the Great, the malevolent king who attempted to butcher the baby boys in Bethlehem. To celebrate this holiday the secular world has given us the Easter Bunny, Easter candy, Easter rabbits, Easter dinner and Easter bonnets. The two had thought that Jesus was the one who would redeem Israel.

We come to Him that is risen from the dead! His names tell us who he is. Will you give him your heart and your life?

He cared about His followers. There is the sorrow caused by seeing others hurt and mistreated. But now is Christ risen from the dead.

When Jesus appeared to Thomas the second time, he believed. Peter, the denier, needed to know that he was forgiven and still. And this morning, the Lord Jesus wants your sorrow to be turned to joy. We come to Him who has left the tomb!

It means that one day we, who are Christians, will have a new, resurrection body. The angels made it clear that Jesus had risen from the dead. Have you labored to get into Heaven, and are still not sure you're going to make it? Some of the best times we have with friends and family are in private.

Easter Sermons

Not only is Jesus in Heaven now as our advocate, He's there as our high priest. We don't want to wait to save to buy something. The logical conclusion is that we are the ones who should pay for our own sins. Disciples on Road to Emmaus Vss.

Notice that Jesus listened to their concerns and then corrected them! Often when we lead souls to Christ we worry about the sincerity of the decision and the consistency of the converts. But if you're looking for a miracle, you need not look any further than the empty tomb.

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Look through our sermons for Easter to find great encouragement as you begin to prepare your Easter sermon. We want to join together with pastors and Christian workers to equip the church in China, broadcasting translated sermons, of new songs 2013 providing ministry resources for Christians and pastors in China. Paul was regenerated born again by the Spirit of God.

What difference does it make to you? When you are tempted to do wrong, come to Jesus. They were probably an average cross section of people, and yet Jesus.


Peter and some of the other disciples decided to return to the familiar haunts of the fishing boat. There was a cover-up of the truth by the authorities. Impure thoughts displease God. It does not mean that your problems will go away.

As Mary stood there weeping, she was asked by angels why she was weeping. Despite this, he preached his heart out every night. All contributions are tax-deductible.

He died to pay for your sins and mine. Most of us don't like to wait for anything.

Is it alright to use the word Easter for today? Empty at Easter by Jerry Watts Can you imagine what that first day was like? Easter Sunrise Savior by Marvin D. These sermons also cover unique aspects of our hope in Jesus through his resurrection.