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Easter Widows by Sinead McCoole download in pdf, ePub, iPad

It's title may be Easter Widows but it is so much more. These women all knew each other and their lives became intertwined. Some of the widows broke under the strain of their experiences and this story tells of miscarriage and tragedy.

These interlinking stories are clearly embedded in an authentic historical account. Admiring of their collective strength of character and sheer determination to honour the Republic their husbands had been executed for. After reading this emotional, yet well researched book on the seven Widows of the Easter Rising I am left feeling both angry and admiring.

These interlinking stories are clearlyAdmiring of their collective strength

But the Rising was defeated, and the leaders were arrested and hastily executed. The women come to life in a whole new way and their stories are told in a gripping way that makes you want to keep reading, even as their tragedy overwhelms you.

Angry at how they were treated over the years and particularly how they have been sidelined by those who remained behind or survived. Have a lot of tissue handy and don't count on much sleep This book is phenomenal and heartbreaking. Have a lot of tissue handy and don't count on much sleep once you start this book. Once I had thought I might want to write a book specifically on this subject, and I am glad she beat me to it.