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Euroscepticism as a Transnational and Pan-European Phenomenon by John FitzGibbon download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Euroscepticism is not just central to European integration it is trans-national in nature and organization too. The series primarily publishes research monographs but will also consider proposals for research-driven and thematic edited volumes. It is sometimes said that edited volumes do not advance theoretical understandings. Crucially, it also focuses on what the consequences of this development are likely to be for the future direction of the European project.

Transnational and pan-European Euroscepticism after Brexit.

Taken together, the contributions to this volume mark out new empirical and conceptual territories. His research focuses on Euroscepticism, differentiated integration in the European Union and public attitudes. This is the first work to deal with this most international of phenomena by properly considering its trans-national and pan-European characteristics.

Euroscepticism is not just centralThe series primarily publishes research

He is currently co-editing the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Euroscepticism and is also working on a forthcoming book entitled The Pirate Parties across Europe. The volume sets out to explain how such an innately contradictory phenomenon as transnational Euroscepticism has emerged. This is emphatically not the case with this volume that breaks exciting new conceptual ground.