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He started showbiz in the year and is under the Japanese talent Agency Stardust Promotion. Toma love to read manga like One Piece.

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He is known for his cooking skills and has published several cookbooks. He is also the spokesperson for the brand Edwin. Let's hear your opinions by answering the poll below! Aside from acting, he is also a singer and songwriter. Besides being an actor, he is also a producer, writer, and creative director.

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He is the only actor to appear in Ju-On and The Ring, two of Japan's most famous horror movie series. These athletes, models, actresses and directors also transitioned in the public eye, and they're definitely people you should know. Since then, she has walked the runway for a number of high fashion giants, alioqui latino dating including Marc Jacobs and Jean-Paul Gaultier. His nickname is Setomaru and he is a member of the acting group D-Boys.

In the s, she moved to New York City and began working as both a choreographer and drag performer. He is fluent in both English and Japanese. Now he works for Hori agency as an actor.

Upon her return, she was the subject of a New York Daily News cover story in the early s and, consequently, became a household name. Toma is a very sensitive person, and he cried during the movie I Am Sam. His ideal dream date is to drive at night to a hilltop with his girlfriend and see a view of the city from there.

Toma and Yamapi are best friends. He is a big fan of rock music. Without the love and support of my wife and friends and family I would not be where I am today. His birth name, Tomohiro Saito, is being credited as co-producer in his films. He is also part of the drama Hana Yori Dango Returns.

This was the first time he danced in the front row, making this a turning point for his career. He is a huge fan of Backstreet Boys. He became a full-time employee of the bar after graduation, and he became a manager later. In doing so, she revamped the picture in countless people's minds of what a transgender person looks like and can be. He is of mixed Filipino and Japanese descent.

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Born Brendan McDaniel, Cayne was one of two male fraternal twins. Jazz, who was only seven years old at the time, drew the world's attention that night for the innocence with which she was able to articulate her thoughts and feelings on the transgender experience.

According to him, his best asset is his ass and he even showed it off to Hina and Yoko. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Cox was one of two twin boys. And since then, there has been much debate over whether she has an unfair advantage over other female fighters and should be allowed to compete against them.