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Mir Taqi Mir remains the master of Reshta and the greatest inspiration for Ghalib. Momin Khan Momin, the greatest match to Ghalib in his era, whom Ghalib appreciated himself too.

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Despite being belonging to Muslim community, she sings Hindu hymns, which hurts to some orthodox people. Urdu Ghazal poems follows rule in which the couplets are written in odd number, with every second verse maintaining a rhyme. Which means that this world is so strange and full of illusions but still we can not come out leave it of it. Parveen Shakir, who lived a short life, but left a huge impact in ghazal writing.

Chalo Phir Se is an amazing ghazal by the greatest romantic poet of Urdu, Faiz Ahmed Faiz whose name does not need any praise at all. So in your personal life, how supportive and difficult your celebrity status has been? Sung beautifully by ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh. Aapko Bhool Jaayen is a manifestation of two greatest singers ever in the world of south asian music. Sher Muhammad Khan gained fame as one of the greatest writer of safarnama of Urdu.

Firaq Gorakhpuri was an Indian poet who was popular with youth. Mirza Ghalib was the greatest ghazal writer of his time and perhaps all times. Qamar Jalalvi is a less known Urdu Poet who has penned some beautiful ghazals.

Farida Mir has been said to have involved in few personal controversies that your fans came to know through newspapers. Farida Khanum remains one of the most elegant ghazal artists, anti-executable full version famed for her amazing voice and elegant style. Farida Mir is a popular name among Gujarati community for her art of singing.

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Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a poet of love and hope, despite living an extremely difficult life full of trials and confinements. Ijazat remains one of the greatest art movie classics, which was directed by Gulzar also.

Donon jahan teri mohabbat mein haar ke by Faiz Ahmad Faiz is a beautiful ghazal. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was mainly a poet of Nazm, but when it comes to Ghazal also, he outclasses every poet of his era. SpeakBindas is a Limca Book of Awards winning blog.

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The exiled Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, whose poetry reflects his troubles. Sung by amazing Pakistani artists, late Mehnaz Begum. Among new women ghazal poets, Andaleeb Shadani is revered as one of the best. Yaro Mujhe Muaf Rakho shows her endless talents. It shows the versatility of Faiz as a poet, who was never short of idea of Ishq, whether love of woman or the country.

This is Momin Khan Momins greatest his compositions. She remains the true diva and icon of ghazals along with Iqbal Bano.

Speakbindas correspondent Vikas Rajpopat dwells into her personal and professional life with interesting questions. Majrooh was a great ghazal writer and lyricist of Indian Movies, and this poem is a testament to this. Sung beautifully by Habib Wali Muhammad.

Yet his ghazal proves that such genre of love can be about Ishq-e-Haqiqi. You sing hymns but you belong to a community Muslim where generally hymns are not sung.

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Lata Mangeshkar sings Dikhayiye Diyay Kyon. You are really singing a sung for religious. It has been performed by many artists in India and Pakistan, none matching the voice of Jagjit Singh.

Farida Mir Song Mp3

What you have to say about those incidents and news? Der Lago Aaney mein is one of most popular and loved works. Understanding true meaning of Sufism via Quotes of Mevlana Rumi.

Farida Mir Song Mp3

Sung by the one and only Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. Another amazing ghazal by Dagh Dehlvi, who remain one of the legends from famed city of Culture, Delhi.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered the greatest poet of recent times. Idhar Zindagi Ka Janaaza Uthegaa remains his most loved ghazal. His Ghazal below is part of Urdu textbook and loved by many generations. Interview of Jethalal Gada fame Dilip Joshi. What have you done in Gujarati cinema?