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Howell credits the bird with feeding on the cotton boll weevil. Including subspecies, forty-four, of the seventy-three kinds of Warblers, are included in the list of the victims of the Cowbird. An interesting demonstration of hostility is mentioned by Dr. House wrens will take advantage of bird houses provided for them. The first note may be all on one pitch or slurred slightly upward.

She disappears for a few minutes, and it is almost another bird that comes out of the bush. By a combination of favorable circumstances this new way of reproduction proved successful, and the parasitic offspring became more and more numerous.

The male has a small red spot on the back of his head. Nevertheless on at least two occasions Chats have hatched and reared Cowbirds.

She disappears forBy a combination of favorable

Of the remaining number, a large number doubtless could, and do, act in this capacity but are less commonly victimized and so have been less often recorded. Providing bird feeders, bird houses, water and wildlife friendly landscaping can provide hours of enjoyment for you and your family. Friedmann never saw them fighting, but Mrs.

Careful timing when mowing fields and ditches can help discourage birds like grackles. In this connection, it may be well to consider the sex ratio and the sex relations.

They gather in large flocks and are seen in both cities and the countryside. Every now and then a male would look up, puff up feathers, spread wings and tail and fall on head.

Learn more about molting here. Display becomes less and less frequent as the season wears on and is usually not indulged in to any extent after the middle of June, while song continues until a month later. See the cedar waxwing entry below for an example.

The other case cited was based on a careful observation by Laurence B. Upon examining the nest I found a fresh Cowbird egg. Extremes noted during the study were three days before the first Ovenbird's egg was laid, and three days after incubation began.