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Sexual reproduction is via seed

The flowers of some species have a sweet, pleasant fragrance. Although it is apomictic, it is a choice parent for crosses because of its rapid repeat flowering trait and long bloom season. Greenhouse grown plants bloom very freely but cycle through periods of bloom. The genus has been evaluated for possible medicinal properties, and the biochemically toxic compounds are classed as alkaloids. Unusual phenotypes can be preserved vegetatively.

Leaf color ranges from the bright grassy green of Z. Most of these species are easily propagated vegetatively via offsets or twin scaling. At least two of these open their flowers at night and are attractive to nocturnal insects. It is one of the hardiest species and is said to winter safely in Philadelphia. Rain lily breeders may develop cultivars with greater cold hardness.

Because of the

The flowers are large, to over three inches long, on ten-inch stems. Some other species such as Z.

Fragrance appears to be recessive in crosses, but there are a few species or hybrids, Z. One constraint remains that seedlings may still carry the apomictic trait, and it is necessary to have progeny from a test cross to determine this. Foliage in the wild is often ephemeral, but under cultivation becomes more persistent.

Sexual reproduction is via seed. Because of the nature of botanical restriction, breeding programs often encounter impediments. In spite of these drawbacks breeding work is being done to enhance the value of the plants as ornamentals. However interspecific crosses are well documented.