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Under these circumstances, if creativity in the kitchen produces income, it is highly praised as a cultural achievement and valued as a commercial asset. They organize meetings and conferences where ideas are exchanged and shared projects are outlined. The tension between commercial requirements and innovation, just as in any other creative fields, is not easy to resolve. But if creativity becomes excessive, intimidating, or turns away customers, investors will not hesitate to demand a different attitude from the chefs whose salaries they pay. New artists are often helped by donors, but their careers really take off when their work starts carrying conspicuous price tags determined by intricate market dynamics.

The contemporary highend

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Betting on new

The contemporary high-end food scene, at least on certain levels, enjoys great prestige and intellectual cachet, at times comparable to other more historically affirmed forms of artistic expression. Betting on new talent is extremely dangerous, especially when his or her work seems to upset reliable customers and influential food critics. Naturally, this means a huge financial risk for investors in the restaurant business. The tension between commercial requirements and innovation is not easily resolved. Chefs both artisans and business persons, expected to offer patrons dishes that stimulate and surprise them.