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For the Tsar and the Raj by Dr. Thomas E. Berry download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Nice and Savoy are annexed completely. We invade Malta with boats and make a push for Crimea with warships. There were in fact two watchers, the other was Rose Edwardes who was spotted paying a bill for the Federated Press of America. We will buy the black sea coast from its owners, going from Byzantium to incude crimea.

Some of the buildings at Copenhagen begin to built which it could be residential. Military and infrastructure expand. Roman Catholic Irish men get the vote in Ireland.

Britain frees Flanders and Brussels. We accept Honduras's trade deal.

They form the new regions of Nice and Savoy. We also make preperations for an invasion of agean anatolia, and Italian Libya.

We also make preperations for

We begin to improve economy and military. Our political capital and administrative capital remain at Athens. Our offer to eygypt still standes. Catholic southern Irish, Egyptian and S. We condemn the German Invasion of Belgium and withdraw support.

They form the new regions of

We offer technical and agricultural asistance to Japan, Hejaz and Greece. African partial home rule begins. We upgrade our military to include an air force, then invade the newly independent Samoa in our attempt to dominate the Pacific.

It seems Ewer had been running a kind of clearing house for passing on messages to the Soviets. Bit strange being pro-German when he was a communist but maybe he hated his own country most of all. The trade deal with Honduras is now completed, while we're recruiting more troops. Luxembourg is annexed to the German Alliance. The New British King gets cancer.