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The bioavailability of trace elements and minerals i. Functional dairy products Dairy products are prominent as natural healthy products that contain the most crucial elements of the balanced diet. Milk antimicrobial agents have been shown bactericidal and even bacteriostatic behavior.

It may not seem obvious to discuss blood pressure in relation to weight management, but the link between dairy components and weight management was initially derived from blood pressure studies. They are transmitted to progeny where they protect the progeny from highly contagious disorders. The market of probiotic dairy foods is increasing annually.

We can divide it in both probiotic dairy foods and probiotic non-dairy foods. Immunostimulatory, anticarcinogenic and antimicrobial are other whey protein activities that promote health. Whey was studied as a medicine as well as an aphrodisiac and skin balm during the Middle Age. Health benefits of milk and functional dairy products.

They mostly emerge during fermentation or digestive processes while in some cases these are components of fresh milk. Functional dairy products have recently been increasingly available in the daily-life which has gained increasing popularity in the past few years.

They are transmitted to progeny

Milk and its health benefits and functional dairy products. The dairy proteins play a vital role in food intake regulation, satiety and metabolic distracts relating to obesity. Antimicrobial effects are exerted by sphingolipids and their active metabolites either directly or upon their digestion. The possible mechanisms for cholesterol decreasing or removal by probiotic bacteria and fermented dairy products include inhibition of intestinal cholesterol absorption. The health promoting mechanisms of probiotic action are mostly based on the positive effect they exert on the immunity response.

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This article should be of benefit to everyone involved with food science and nutrition, research on functional diary product, and food product development. Diary probiotic products can be produced by incorporation of probiotic bacteria in both of fermented and unfermented mix as reported by. The importance, potency and the quantity of milk bioactive compounds are possibly more than old consideration. On the other hand, Morrow et al. This mini-review provides the reader with a brief overview of the field.