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The player can choose and customize his character and get into the game world where he can decorate his own dream house with bundles of things. The game provides the opportunity to the player to become a movie star and become more famous and trendy. Build your personal exclusive avatar now and enter in the Habbo Hotel to connect with new people and possibly create long term close friends.

The game takes place in the beautiful world populated with other players from around the globe and offers you an opportunity to live your second life in your style. Free online games similar to Sims? It takes place in the multiple locations around the world, from Japan to Barcelona.

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The game offers the similar gameplay to Yoville. This game is perfect for those who love The Sims, but prefer to have some form of end goal to the game, compared to the open-end kind of game like The Sims. Each of the installment is like an upgrade of the previous one.

It is truly the ultimate life simulation game and an experience that is constantly offering something new for you to do every time you log in. Second Life is a game which stands true on its words.

This cool game combines amazing fashion and social interaction aesthetics and offers a truly amazing gaming experience as compared to a lot of other games of the same genre. This game also focuses upon interaction with other players in the virtual world. The gameplay of the game is similar to the most popular and most selling life simulation The Sims in which the player can perform lots of same activities. The game offers an exciting gameplay where the players and create and customize their avatars to dive into the game world.

At the start of the game, the player can choose or customize his character with fresh hair style, eye colors, clothes, and accessories, xx video player etc. The game lets you be part of the huge game world by creating and customizing and online anime character for yourself.

They must first become friends and then eventually start a romantic relationship. This game is different from others as it is based upon amusement park management rather than being a normal life simulation game. You need to interact with other people in the game in clubs and parties.

The plot of the game revolves around raising the pet and it can be played in both single player and multiplayer modes. Nevertheless, the style of it is somewhat charming. Life Quest is a wonderful Life Simulation and Management video game that lets you have the delights of Graduating, Going into college and University, Getting a Job and Marrying your loved one etc.

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After seeing all types of simulation games the Sims alternatives, it is the time to move to a pet simulation game. This gives a whole new level to the game. The game is open to users of all ages and it has grown to millions of worldwide users.

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This means you need to create a replica of yourself in the game which are called Avatars. Answer Questions Cual es el mejor juego de Super Nintendo?

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If you like building things try minecraft or terraria. This makes gameplay quite exciting, and prevents the possibility of the game becoming too repetitive, as I sometimes find is the case with The Sims after playing several in-game days in it.

Second Life No Download offers more prominent features such as new Modes, Upgrades, new locations, Purchase new things, and lots of other things, etc. The player is going to pick the videos to be uploaded on the YouTube channel as well as managing the social and educational life. The game takes place in the virtual world and allows you to select your gender, age, and nickname to dive into the game world. Related Questions Free online games similar to Sims?

This is your other life in cyberspace. Suburbia Suburbia is a Facebook video game which obviously requires motivation from the Sims Social a game that has been launched onto for some time now.

The game takes place in the fantasy-based world populated with thousands of Sim characters. You have to find your character a job and keep an eye on the amount of money they have, all whilst completing goals. It is a third main game in the series of The Sims that offers the same gameplay with new exciting Modes, different Challenge and lots of other things. The story of the game revolves around the main protagonist named as Riley Harlow. Zwinky offers a dreamy World to the player where the players can do whatever they want.


This is like making the entire budget for the city on your own. If you are a fan of life simulation games and want more games like the Sims then you can check out the list mentioned below.

Second Life

You also get a microphone. Through customization features, the players can create their characters with a unique look. This game revolves around YouTube career. The primary factor remains the building and development, however, the supporting story and characters changes with each game.

You can customize your construction with different tools and options given. What is the greatest game you've ever played?

This city-building simulator by Colossal Order is also a great alternative for Sims fans who are looking for a more challenging gameplay experience as well. The game takes place in the fantasy world and offers the open-world environment with several online players around the world. The player can create his online character and select one of them Artist, Partier, Charmer, Mogul, Jock, and Scoundrel and each character have its unique personalities.