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As a result Madame Demidov replaces

Dylan and Sasha have a conversation, discovering that Ana had been unfairly stipped of her choreography. Plot The film opens with the Bratz at a Red Carpet event.

After this meeting, Dylan, Ana and the Bratz plan to share a picnic. The Bratz decide to enter the competition as their band the Rock Angelz. It centers around the Bratz and their experiences at Camp Starshine. Following this, our protagonists begin to eat lunch in the cafeteria. Rock Angelz film, a narrator Sasha in this case then begins to explain how the girls arrived in this situation.

We are then returned to the red carpet, where Ana now joins the Bratz, and the film ends. As a result, Madame Demidov replaces Ana with Sasha for the showcase performance. This performance incorporates Jade's fashion skills, Cloe's dramatic flair, Yasmin's musical ability and Sasha and Ana's dancing talent - all in a way that shows how important friendship truly is. The Bratz, Eitan and Dylan arrive at camp and attend an introductory session.

We are then

With five minutes until the final showcase, the Bratz joined by Ana form a new routine that they can perform together, to spite Madame Demidov and to show that friendship is the most important thing. The next day, we follow Ana to one of her private lessons with Madame Demidov. They begin to argue, and each of the Bratz leave. That night, when the girls return to their room, they complain about how hard the camp is.

She has an emotional breakdown, revealing that she is feeling overworked and underappreciated. Following this statement, Dylan develops an interest in Ana.

They claim that Ana is the best dancer at the camp, and that she will definitely win the showcase. The next day, Madame Demidov tells Ana that Dylan was just using her, in order to ensure Ana will continue to dance for her. Dylan invites Ana to the lake with him, encouraging her to have more fun in her life. The couple walk back to Ana's cabin, and after saying goodnight Madame Demidov threatens Dylan until he agrees to separate from her.