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Hence, an invitation is extended to all interested to participate and make a difference. These changes require deep analysis and provide fertile grounds for socio-legal research. Similarly, at the individual level, this research has been important for unpacking larger debates about diversity, inclusion and reproduction of hierarchy. Actually, in many ways, internally displaced peoples are more marginalized and vulnerable because few legal instruments apply to safeguarding their rights. Likewise, African scholarship falling broadly within the law and society or socio-legal studies intellectual tradition has not been as prominent as could be the case.

Our overall aim will be to focus broadly on the key role of language in judicial process at all levels. Yet the process and impact of these changes has varied from country to country, within different regions in a country, and even from neighborhood to neighborhood. On one hand, the law and legal decision-making are rooted in a tradition of predictability, uniformity, and rigidity. Monsoon rains had started falling again, causing water levels inside the cave to rise, squeezing the boys in an ever shrinking space inside the cave, and causing oxygen levels to drop.

Two of the boys rescued in the previous two attempts were also being treated for a lung infection. Specifically, this network seeks to promote scholarship that looks at gender and sexual minorities as its own research question and not simply as a case study within the discipline e.

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Globally, we are experiencing the largest movement of people with millions fleeing violent conflicts in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe. It takes the divers about eight hours to get into the cave, reach the boys, and bring them back out. None of the trapped boys had ever been diving before and some didn't know how to swim.

On the other hand, law and legal strategies can exert a conservative influence on social movements, channeling protest and more radical forms of action into conventional political institutions. On the other hand, gender and sexuality identities are dynamic, non-discrete, and fluid. The ongoing global wave of legal education research supplements and enriches perennial debates among law teachers as to the meaning, purposes, limits, and opportunities for legal education.