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Among girls the risk

They then looked for patterns of play associated with a higher risk of everyday problems of concern to parents. Therefore, he concludes, he probably shouldn't worry when his son watches South Park. If two things tend to go hand and hand, you might want to treat one of the things as a symptom. And while you don't cure a disease by treating the symptoms, you also don't cure a disease by ignoring the symptoms. Well, I can certainly buy that, but the authors don't seem to have much concern for the spiritual or moral influence of such games.

Other scholars have referenced

You'll understand how games are rated, how to make best use of ratings and the potentially important information that ratings don't provide. The intended audience is apparently only people who are quite certain video games are singlehandly responsible for Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Sandy Hook.

Among girls, the risk of problems was three to four times higher for those who played violent games vs. Other scholars have referenced the book as indicating the need for a more nuanced view of video game effects. However, correlation does imply correlation. Except for the teensy, tiny fact that there's nothing even slightly immoral about being a pilot or a manger.

It should be required reading for all families who use game consoles or computers. Violent games can trigger real-world violence.

Many also use poorly validated measures of aggression, that likely do not correlate well with real-life aggressive acts of interest to most parents and politicians. It's like using a major league baseball video game to see what it's like to be a manager, or a flight simulator to try out being a pilot.