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Great Desert Explorers by Andrew Goudie download in pdf, ePub, iPad

They experienced fear, excitement and hardship in their journeys into the unknown. This is a fine tribute to those who ventured into and were seduced by the clean, breathing spaces of the world. There is also a brief introduction to each desert region.

Where the moon shines

Named a place Regenfeld near Dakhla Oasis in southern Egypt after experiencing a rare occurrence of desert rain. It was a real treat to step outside my usual regions of interest, and discover some of the pioneering desert explorers of, in particular, North America, Australia, and India and Pakistan.

The many original

The many original quotations, illustrations and maps, contemporary figures, as well as plates of a range of desert landscapes make this a colourful, lively and informative read. Where the moon shines with a light which softens the austere outline of rocks and hills and casts a diffused greyness over the desert sands. Critics of the form tend to believe that for all its weight and rich illustrations, the coffee table book lacks real academic or literary weight. After reconnoitring southern Sinai, he travelled up the Nile as far as Wadi Halfa. In this way the reader can easily explore individual characters without struggling through material that may be of less immediate interest.

Add a review Your email address will not be published. Clearly having caught the exploration bug, Chesney went on to explore the Syrian desert, before arriving at and navigating the Euphrates. What makes Sadlier stand out in the annals of desert exploration is that he was the first European to cross the Arabian Peninsula from east to west. Many people like the term, creating as it does a feeling that the book under review is a glossy, usually substantial, and sumptuously illustrated work that one can dip in and out of at leisure. First person the cross Africa north to south.