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This was also one of the few times when Hadley was seen laughing, when Commander Spock wouldn't admit that the flare he used to draw attention to the Galileo was a purely emotional response. This landing party discovered that Lazarus was responsible for the winking-out of the universe and later dealt with both Lazarus and anti-Lazarus. Today, the Hadley economy is a mixture of agriculture and commercial development, including big-box stores and the Hampshire Mall. Hadley was seen, for only a second time, laughing at Sulu's saying the entity sounded very gloomy. There is also a tiny river border in the southwest with Holyoke and Easthampton.

Route was redirected in an attempt to solve traffic congestion. Scott ordered Hadley to set the emergency gyro stabilizers.

The former Norwottuck was renamed for Hadleigh, Suffolk. Hadley grimaced during this shaking but was able to keep from falling.

She was unsuccessfully hanged by rowdyThese stores cut through a

The early histories of these towns are, as a result, filed under the history of Hadley. At the time, Hadley encompassed a wide radius of land on both sides of the Connecticut River but mostly on the eastern shore including much of what would become known as the Equivalent Lands.

These stores cut through a bison farm, angering many. She was unsuccessfully hanged by rowdy town folk. Hadley was not on the bridge when Trelane suddenly appeared there a few minutes later.