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This was a much more dense

By speaking the truth in love and constantly bringing them back to the Father, we walk with them into their healing and freedom. She departs with the other women and Justin for the Harvest Home ritual. He watches the women play out the rites, which includes the copulation of the Harvest Lord with the Corn Maiden to symbolically ensure the fertility of the Mother. We believe that He voluntarily gave up His life in order to offer us the free gift of eternal life. Finding his car missing, Ned goes to his neighbor Robert to use the phone, but finds the line dead.

This was a much more dense book with a more elaborate plot than I was expecting. Submit Tips For Editing We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

The ended has a great twist that made my skin crawl as if someone had just walked across my future grave. Ned goes instead to find his wife and daughter, who have gathered with the other women for the rites. Each of us now was imprisoned behind the bars of mistrust, of doubt, of disappointment. Ned races to the forest clearing ahead of them, determined to discover what happens there.

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