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In the s a

Erected in as a single storeyed building for the Auckland Savings Bank, in a second storey was added. Their granddaughter was Frances Benn - see below. Her administrator was her brother, William.

In the s a German Jewish refugee and doctor of Philosophy named Max Reizenstein established a bakery. Doctor's House, Ponsonby Road. They had three daughters, Mary, Jane and Anne but apparently no sons. His elder brother, Clement, inherited Low Prior Scale.

Grattan was loyal to the Crown and the British connection. Ponsonby definitely sounded more elegant than Dedwood so by the s Ponsonby was apparently used by many people to refer to the whole area. William and Sarah are ancestors of Val Taylor. The witnesses to his will were Thomas Moscrop and William Moscrop.

Doctor's House Ponsonby Road

Abigail has four sons and six daughters amongst the latter two named Ann - Moscrop and Benson. Adams occupied the middle house for a short time.