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Come Thratta put down

Look, Thratta, at the cloud of smoke that arises from all these lighted torches. Thus in the cult of Shiva, Vishnu is considered an unimportant aspect, whereas in the cult of Vishnu, Shiva is reduced to a secondary emanation. The Chthonic Hermes led Persephone back from the underworld in spring. He was a son of Zeus and Persephone who was torn apart by the Titans when his father placed him on the throne of heaven.

Much the same thing is shown through the union of the Shaivite fetish objects, the linga cone and the yoni ring or table. Civilians who were not able to formally practice the cult of Min paid homage to the god as sterility was an unfavorable condition looked upon with sorrow. Considered a god of war, derived from Mars.

Still though anyone's guess

In all the temples of the gods she has a share of honour, and among all mortal men she is chief of the goddesses. On the other hand, there are goddesses and there are goddesses. There is no other connection between her character and the story. It's unclear if he thought she was a Nympha or knew it was Vesta.

God of pleasant forgetfulness. But then a new lotus grows from Vis.

Still, though, anyone's guess is as good as mine. Come, Thratta, put down the basket and take out the cake, which I wish to offer to the two goddesses. Also, Agni is a messanger god, but, not just any messanger. They were the spring-time companions of the goddess Persephone.