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Consider some ball game played by a few people of approximately equal skill. We experience it only in part, often in tantalising glimpses. This brings me to the crucial issue.

But even in this present universe there is much love and goodness, much beauty and truth. And then comes the game-changer. For example, they let us know which features and sections are most popular.

But our capacity to

This does not mean that we can make no predictions at all about the course of such a game. This is sometimes carried to the point where it is demanded that our theories must be formulated in such terms that they refer only to measurable magnitudes. But we can never produce statistical information which would show how much the prevailing prices and wages deviate from those which would secure a continuous sale of the current supply of labor. Miracles then are not arbitrary or meaningless disruptions of the laws of nature so much as glimpses of the new laws of the perfect world that is coming.

We know full well that the vast majority of the faithful die and stay dead, awaiting that future resurrection in Christ, whose date none know. But our capacity to predict will be confined to such general characteristics of the events to be expected and not include the capacity of predicting particular individual events. But the second reality challenges all of this.

And all that is good and true in this world will find a home in the world that is coming. Back to Grammar in College Writing. So we live in two realities at once, or in the interface between the two. We use this information to create a better experience for all users.

We know full well that

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