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We have to play the wait and watch game. Honda City Mileage As we have lived with the petrol City and the diesel engine, so it is a lot easier for us to predict its efficiency.

Fortunately together they make a

Fortunately together they make a pretty good team. The current version of the City is more about being elegant. The new dashboard will be radical. The new City shall be sporty and sleek.

The current version

This will increase rear passenger space. The additional features in the Honda City will include sun roof and even controls for music system from the rear seat. For detailed information, it is a matter of time. It really helped placed pieces that I didn't even realize were missing until I read this.

We expect the City to grow wider than longer. This will mean ample of room for three passengers on the rear seat. Not as exciting as a full length novel, but this is more of a set-up for the last book. All depends on how well does it drive.