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Lasers and Excited States of Rare Earths by Renata Reisfeld download in pdf, ePub, iPad

Eyal Energy transfer between inorganic ions

The textbook may be most precious to the training engineer or experimental scientist, graduate pupil, or complex undergraduate. Couto dos Santos, Oscar L. Reisfeld, Energy transfer between inorganic ions in glasses. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells. Neural Networks, and Provides fresh technical info and offers an outline of development in optical reminiscence, neural networks and fractals from the point of view of optical details processing.

Halide Glasses for Infrared Fiberoptics. Reisfeld, Criteria and prospects of new lasers based on fluorescent dyes in glasses.

Reisfeld, Applications of rare earths in glasses for lasers and luminescent solar concentrators. Jorgensen, Optical properties of colorants or luminescent species in sol-gel glasses, Structure and Bonding, Springer-Verlag, R.

Topics in Current Chemistry.

Eyal, Energy transfer between inorganic ions in amorphous solids. Reisfeld, Optical behaviour of molecules in glasses prepared by the sol-gel method. Physics and Biophysics, Published by Eds. Jorgensen, Excited state phenomena in vitreous materials.

Reisfeld Optical behaviour of molecules

It stresses actual ideas, functions, and instrumentation. Reisfeld, Industrial applications of rare earths in fiber optics, luminescent solar concentrators and lasers.