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Several agents he said would not

Bornstein did succeed in getting Samson under saddle as well as in actually riding him. When he got his driver's license, he was able to transport himself to an area stable and took riding lessons. At the end of the book Mr. Bornstein persisted with him despite work commitments, girlfriend trouble, and friction with his owner. Bornstein's attempt to train and his partial success - Samson will always be partly wild a formerly wild, abused Mustang stallion named Samson.

Several agents, he said, would not consider taking on him or his book unless he added fictional elements to make the story more marketable. She responded right away, he said, despite his lack of writing credentials. Poor Samson, to have had such a hard life and carry so many issues. The book sold over one weekend to St.

She certainly didn't seem to really have any warm feelings towards Samson, and frankly I wondered why she kept him at all although I'm glad she did if she disliked him so much. So not only was his personal story with Samson very moving, but also the book might have a larger life and inspire others to work to change a sad situation.

She responded right

Donald Liebenson is a frequent Journal contributor. He sent the book to Stephany Evans, president of FinePrint Literary Management in New York, after spotting her name in the acknowledgments of another book. Bornstein and his new herd around him. Whether they succeed or fail, it's the whole-hearted effort that makes me care. The owner was portrayed as unfriendly at best, unwelcomingly meddlesome most of the time, and coldhearted at worst.

It was beautiful to read about Samson learning to trust a human again, though, and I am so happy to hear that he gets to live out his days in peace with visits from Mr. Bornstein seems to have, which I'm sure contributes to his success as a trainer. Both pursuits require unyielding patience, perseverance and hope, and the persistence of vision to help cope with humbling setbacks.