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Wildly I began to thrust in and out of Leila. She had a massive hard on, all shiny from her previous orgasm and the rain still drenching her. Karimi is ultimately a great storyteller that offers a book that is compelling and easy-to-read, despite tackling some very difficult subjects. The wind was up and big fat drops of rain beat against the windshield of my car.

Forbidden from studying to become a teacher like she dreams of, she snatches small pockets of freedom by visiting the library. Most of us have knowledge of fundamentalist Iran and the severe restrictions it places on women. In each case Kooshyar is told it is a matter of life and death.

When she climbed into

It was something I hadn't expected. It really opened my mind to other cultures in this world.

It is a masterpiece of

When she climbed into the car and the door closed I was still sitting staring. It is a masterpiece of moral impossibilities and climactic suspense. That afternoon I had my first experience with a shemale.

And nothing has ever been the same for me since. And what a shemale she was. And boy, was she a vision.