Letters From A Skeptic

These attributes are too often missing from apologetics. The transformation in Edward is evident as moves from skepticism toward Christ.

Letters From A Skeptic

For a skeptic like me, this of course just brings out the epistemological problem of theology - there's no empirical way to know if Greg or orthodoxy is right, even assuming the rest. Boyd is a terrific scho This book constitutes a series of letters from a skeptical father to a believing son. Boyd does not hide the fact that for him God's omniscience is limited to only what has happened because out of love God has given man free will to make choices. He was a professor of theology at Bethel College St.

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Papa really needs to read some Ehrman to get another perspective, but even a quick look at wikipedia will show that Greg's exagerrating his case. Recently the penal substitutionary view, and particularly its misappropriations, has been critiqued, and a lively debate has taken hold within evangelicalism. By far the best book on Christian apologetics I've ever read.

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There were definitely parts that he didn't go far enough. Edward finds the stories in the Bible to be really impossible to take seriously. Boyd does not hide the fact that for him God's omniscience is limited to only what has happened because out of love God has gi As this review will bear out I have mixed feeling about this book. Perhaps this can be attributed to the gaps in the book, internal conversations the father may have had with himself, phone calls, etc. Theology, or any kind of philosophical books for that matter, isn't really my thing.

Some of their stories are overwhelmingly beautiful. This book is worth reading.

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Boyd is the founder and senior pastor of Woodland Hills Church in St. Too bad Papa didn't know that this letter was full of it. If you have questions about Christianity or know someone who does and would like to know how to answer them, I highly recommend this book.

Though I disagree greatly with Boyd's view of the nature of God and man I do not doubt his salvation nor his fathers and I can only say we will all see more clearly on the other side of eternity. Or does he for some reason think there are more demons in California and Haiti than in Quebec and Kansas?

Otherwise, in this chapter he says a lot about biblical authorship that other scholars credibly disagree with. Boyd actively teaches that God is not sovereign, that he allows humans to use their free will. He wasn't an atheist - he was a deist or a weak theist or something like that there's not enough detail to know for sure. The son is a professor of theology and an ordained evangelical minister.

As I read the last chapter of Boyd's account of his fathers conversion tears filled my eyes. Though I suppose that's all he set out to do in the first place. This is an excellent example of how to talk to non-Christians. She told us that, even though it seemed her earthly life was pretty much over, she felt like her life was actually just beginning. Food and water do not exist because we are hungry and thirsty - we are hungry and thirsty because we need energy and hydration.

They decided to publish mounds of letters that they had originally written for no one to see but the two of them! This book allows the reader a glimpse into their private letters. This story tells the fascinating tale, in the form of never sent letters, of an ape brought aboard an iron-hulled sailing ship in by Samson Low, radio nova the ship's captain. Greg Boyd answers his father's questions with the researched and well-thought out answers and explanations one would expect from a theology professor. How can you believe that a man rose from the dead?

If the point is to win men, and not arguments, then we have to understand where the actual hang-up is with that unbeliever. Writing for ordinary Christians, Boyd wrestles with a variety of answers that have been offered by theologians and pastors in the past. Reading a section of it to, for example, understand hell better, falls flat, in my opinion. It's like saying that I must be invisible because the atoms that make me up are.

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Are people elected to salvation? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Doyle gets sidetracked with weak side arguments and mentions absolutely nothing about the fall of man in that section, and how sin entering the world affects nature. Kaleidescopic view Bruce R. Ask a Question What would you like to know about this product?

Do we pray to heal or to hurt? We are all in the process of solidifying our identities by the decisions we make.

What would you like to know about this product? Both Boyd men approach the conversation with gusto and a steep level of intellectualism.