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Lies, Deceit, Adultery, and My Husband's Boyfriend by Anne Maree Spencer download in pdf, ePub, iPad

For me I just want peace, happiness, to be able to smile again and be the woman I know I can be. Honestly, I believe you need to somehow learn to manage without him, because when I was with a guy similar to that it was killing me.

He taught me so much about life, love, happiness and most of all he helped me love myself again. To say I knew it would happen again is an understatement. Surround yourself with activities, friends, things for you but why do you constantly need validation from a guy to tell you that you are ok or are attractive or whatever you are looking for.

But this time IHe said many

As crushed as I was this time was different for me. Anne Maree opens her soul to give other women the courage and strength to grow beyond these harsh realities to become a better, stronger empowered woman. Share this with your friends Read Next.

But I still don't have the courage to leave my husband. So in closing, we are back in limbo as he swears there is nothing going on with Chewbacca, but his track record would say otherwise. Plus I been through some very tough stuff lately and had to make some decisions that I am very happy with so far.

He said many things to me including he wanted a divorce, he wanted to be with her, and many hateful things about me. But this time, I just feel numb. My friends encouraged me to write about it as not only therapy, but also as a way to help other women who find themselves in a similar situation. We shall call her Chewbacca.