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Chances are you mightSo between the

Chances are, you might conjure up images of cowboys and Native Americans, lawlessness, gunfights, outlaws, cattle driving, and train robberies. So between the s and s was really the heyday of the Wild West.

We have killed thirty-two. When the town council tried to fire him, Stoudenmire charged in and dared them to try taking his guns. The participants quickly scattered, and nobody was ever convicted over the incident.

They wanted the case transferred to the federal court at Fort Smith. Allison gained notoriety as one of the deadliest participants in the Colfax County War, a massive land dispute that caused up to murders. Reality Let's think for a moment. Living in the West was definitely demanding.

The miller recovered from his wounds, but his wife, Polly Beck, was hit by a stray round and killed. Jesse James was one of the most famous outlaws of the West.

Some sheriffs were pretty corrupt themselves, while others simply did not have the means to combat crime. Shortly after they arrived, Ben Horrell drunkenly gunned down yet another lawman, only to be murdered in turn by a local posse. When the chief rode up with a flag of truce, General Joseph West immediately had him arrested. Unfortunately for Johnson, he discharged his shotgun early, allowing Stoudenmire to whirl around and shoot his testicles off. Texas State Historical Association After returning to Lampasas, Texas, the Horrells secured a jury of their old cronies and were promptly acquitted of the New Mexico murders.

Wikimedia The brutality of the war sparked by the Bascom Incident can be seen in the death of Mangas Coloradas. Throughout much of the century, Manifest Destiny was a prevailing view. Body parts began to turn up in the countryside, but nobody knew who to blame.